Building wash

Are you a contractor looking for a construction cleaning partner?

Then it is important to take the indoor climate seriously. Research shows that construction sites that are clean and tidy lead to fewer errors, greater job satisfaction, increased efficiency, less search for tools and lower sickness absence.

We collaborate with several contractors and are always ready for new assignments. We ensure that the employees are well and contribute to the final delivery following all laws and regulations.

Why choose construction cleaning?

During a construction process, many workers go in and out of the home – equipment, dust, fibers, sawdust and waste accumulate over time, and this can result in health problems. Both for the workers and the end user. We at Harumi Renhold have extensive experience with building cleaning and we ensure that employees feel good while they work, and that the end user takes over a home that is sterile and clean.

Final building wash for consumers

In Norway, it is required by law to carry out a final building wash before the consumer takes over the home. We ensure that the final wash is delivered to the highest quality. We assist with the following:

Vi bistår med følgende:

  • Floor cleaning
  • Cleaning of walls and ceilings
  • Cleaning of entrance area and doors
  • Cleaning of interior and exterior furnishings
  • Surface cleaning
  • Cleaning of installations, frameworks and frames
  • Window cleaning
  • Delicate wash

What does construction cleaning cost?

Price varies from assignment to assignment. There are often three things that determine the price;

  1. How often should it be washed?
  2. How big is the building to be washed?
  3. What kind of tasks do you want us to handle?

Let us focus on the cleaning


Choose a certified cleaning agency

A certified cleaning agency means that we are approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority. In a construction process, conflicts can sometimes arise between the contractor and the consumer – this often comes as a result of statutory requirements not being complied with. When choosing a cleaning agency for building cleaning, it is much safer to choose an agency that is certified.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are committed to delivering high quality in our work and therefore take all complaints very seriously. If you are dissatisfied, we will of course come back and do the job again without costing you a penny extra. We include a satisfaction guarantee in all our assignments.

Health, environment and safety

We follow the Health, Environment and Safety Regulations and we only use organic detergents when we work. You can therefore be sure that there are no harmful chemicals left after we have finished washing.