Moving wash

Are you planning to move? We offer moving laundry for you who live in Malvik, Trondheim and the surrounding area

When you move out of a home, it is often the moving sink you dread. It is time consuming and it is not just you yourself who should be happy. The new acquirer must be satisfied, and in cases where you rent a home, the landlord must also be satisfied. This can lead to conflicts if not done properly.

We deliver moving laundry with a satisfaction guarantee

When you hire Harumi Renhold to take care of the moving cleaning, you can be sure that the job is done to the highest quality. We are a certified cleaning agency that follows all laws and regulations. We include a satisfaction guarantee in all our moving cleaning agreements, which means that if you are not satisfied, you will come back and correct the deficiencies without it costing you a penny.

Is moving cleaning necessary?

Yes! In Norway, we are required by law to do a thorough cleaning of the home before a new person takes over. This means that you have to clean absolutely the entire apartment, even areas that are difficult to reach. If you leave out the moving laundry, a new buyer can choose to keep the money back, and in rental homes, the landlord can choose to keep the deposit.

What is included in a moving wash?

  • Full floor cleaning
  • Full cleaning of walls and ceilings with dry mop
  • Full cleaning of all surfaces
  • Full cleaning of drawers and cabinets both outside and inside
  • Full cleaning of bathrooms, including shower, bath, tile, faucet and drain Interior washing of windows
  • Indoor wash of windows
  • Washing or wiping dust off strips, sockets, light switches etc.
  • Wash of all appliances

Some of our customers also need less typical cleaning jobs. This can be washing the balcony, outside washing the windows, washing the fireplaces, stalls and garage to name a few. Of course, we can also help you with this, but for larger assignments, the cost will also be greater.

Let us focus on the cleaning


What does move out cleaning cost?

The price varies from assignment to assignment. As a rule, we take as our starting point the square meter of your home.

Choose a certified cleaning agency

A certified cleaning agency means that we are approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority. In a moving wash, there are usually several people involved and this can lead to conflicts. In Norway, it is forbidden to buy laundry services from a cleaning agency that is not approved by the Norwegian Labor Inspection Authority. Therefore, it is much safer to work with a serious agency that delivers the moving laundry in accordance with legislation and requirements.

Health, environment and safety

We follow the Health, Environment and Safety Regulations and we only use organic detergents when we work. You can therefore be sure that there are no harmful chemicals left after we have finished washing.