Window cleaning

We supply window washing for commercial buildings and housing associations in Malvik, Trondheim and the surrounding area

In Trøndelag, the weather conditions are varied and sometimes extreme. Window washing helps to keep out the cold in winter and keep it warm in summer. It is also well documented that window washing leads to an increase in well-being, energy levels and productivity among employees, residents and visitors. In commercial buildings, it will also help to reduce sickness absence

Vask vinduene oftere og spar penger​

Windows are damaged over time. When there is a long time between each time you wash, enough sunlight, pollution, dust and dirt to erode the outer layer of the window. This ultimately results in having to replace the windows and it can be a high cost, especially on larger buildings. By washing the windows more often, the life of the windows will be extended and you will save money over this period.

What is included?

We take care of both internal and external washing of the windows. We make sure that we use the right temperature and detergent when we wash, so that we contribute to longer life for the windows and a better indoor climate for employees and residents.

Let us focus on the cleaning


What does window cleaning cost?

Price varies from customer to customer. There are often three things that determine the price;

  1. How often should it be washed?
  2. How many windows should be washed?
  3. How many floors are there?

Satisfaction guaranteed

We are committed to delivering high quality in our work and therefore take all complaints very seriously. If you are dissatisfied, we will of course come back and do the job again without costing you a penny extra. We include a satisfaction guarantee in all our assignments.

Health, environment and safety

We follow the Health, Environment and Safety Regulations and we only use organic detergents when we work. You can therefore be sure that there are no harmful chemicals left after we have finished washing.